After School Activities and Special Programs


  • F.A.S.T Athletics: Athletic programs for all skill levels where everyone is encouraged as well as motivated to be the best they can be. Students will increase their confidence, aerobic activity, and develop a greater sense of teamwork, and sportsmanship, but most importantly improvement of overall fitness. A fee will be charged to the parent from F.A.S.T. Athletics


  • Fall Harvest Activities
  • Christmas Program
  • Mothers Day Tea 
  • Donuts for Dad 
  • Field Day 
  • End of the year picnic

My years at Emanuel have shaped me into the person I am today. I have had some of the most incredible memories that will stay with me forever. My teachers and I have the best relationship that I could ever ask for. So thank you! No school will ever be better than Emanuel Lutheran School.

Alexandra E.

Class of 2017