Emanuel provides families with more than just an education. Our programs strengthen the family and help to reinforce the character attributes that parents feel are most important to the future of their children.

Our focus is to provide an educational and child development program tailored to the specific needs and desires of the parents. Our faculty has designed unique ways to inspire an increased level of Christian development in our students of all faiths with today’s educational atmosphere. Using our proven methods to increase the joy of learning, all are encouraged to choose positive attitudes and to be there to support each other in a cheerful learning environment.

We are so much more than a school! We provide a foundation necessary for successful, joyful living.

Emanuel Lutheran School is registered by New York State Department of education. We are a member of the Lutheran Schools Association of Metropolitan New York.

Emanuel received the Fidelity Award from the International Alliance for Invitational Education in 2017. Emanuel is a 2016 International Award-Winning Inviting School by International Alliance for Invitational Education.

Mission Statement

“Emanuel Lutheran School partners with families to create for their children a foundation for joyful, successful living.”

Our History

The Emanuel Lutheran Church was organized and erected in 1912 by the Rev. Hermann Zoller, who served until 1932. Then came the Rev. Carl Gernannt until 1956 and the Rev. William Hinlicky, who organized the school in 1957.

At that time, the school was opened to 17 students in kindergarten and first grade. The first principal was Ray Steinert and the first teacher was Miss Charlotte Streck. About 10 years later, in 1968, a nursery for 3- and 4-year-olds was added and by 1969, the seventh and eighth grades. On March 3, 1982, a fire destroyed the school and church. With fortunately no injuries, a new church building was dedicated the very next year. Then, in 1993, the congregation approved building a new early childhood center and by 1997 a full-day preschool program was added.

Spiritual Life

Partnering together with parents is the key that enables us to instill in our students the attributes that are essential for them to become impactful citizens in a global community. Being a Christ-centered school, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These attributes are intertwined in all that we do here at Emanuel Lutheran School as a way of creating a foundation for a life of faith, joy and successful living.

Each Wednesday, grades preschool-8 join together in the church for our weekly chapel service.

For more information

Call us at 631.758.2250

We have always been grateful for the years Amy and Nicholas spent at Emanuel and believe that Christian Education has benefited them and made them the outstanding persons they’ve become.

John & Karen M

Former Parents