All parents/guardians of students in Emanuel Lutheran School are invited and encouraged to be part of the activities and meetings of the Parent-Teacher-Friend League (PTFL). This organization is a member of the National Lutheran Parent Teacher’s League. Various activities and fundraisers are scheduled throughout the year. We encourage parent participation as much as possible. All monies raised by the PTFL go directly back to the students in some form. Annual membership fees are paid per family and are due at the first meeting.

President: Dana Mullally
Vice President: Lisa Wassmer
Secretary: Lisa DeRosa
Treasurer: Shirley Eng
Teacher Liaisons: Sherri Audia


PTFL Bake Sale:

  • September 26th – Faculty
  • October 17th – Kindergarten
  • November 28th – 1st Grade
  • December 12th – 2nd Grade
  • January 16th – 3rd Grade
  • February 13th – 4th Grade
  • March 13th – 5th & 6th Grades
  • April 10th – 7th & 8th Grades
  • May 15th – Preschool
  • June 5th – Entire School

PTFL Dress Up Days:

  • September 13th – Adios Summer
  • October 25th – Favorite Storybook Character (Story Book Parade)
  • November 8th – Country Western
  • December 17th-21st – Minimum donation $5 to dress up all all week
    • Monday-Holiday Hat
    • Tuesday-Pajama Day
    • Wednesday-Dress Up (Chapel Attire)
    • Thursday-Ugly Sweater
    • Friday Red/Green/Snow White gym attire.
  • January 10th – International Class Selection
  • February 7th – Mismatch/Inside Out
  • March 7th- Pajama Day
  • April 11th – Favoriate Sports Team
  • May 16th – Crazy Hair

PTFL FAMILY AND ADULT EVENTS:  See school calendar for full details

  • September 4th – Welcome Back Breakfast
  • October 20th – Harvest Fair
  • October 25th – Story Book Parade
  • November 14th – Thanksgiving Feast
  • December 19th – Holiday Pancake Lunch
  • January 11th – Movie Night Double Feature
  • February 1st – Family Candy Bar Bingo
  • April 17th – Easter Brunch Lunch
  • May 10th – Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • May 8th-May 12th – Plant Sale
  • June 17th – School Picnic


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