Middle School Key Process for Success

Our middle school is a student-driven, hands-on environment that fosters a child’s natural curiosity to learn about the world around them. At Emanuel, our students are encouraged to persevere through challenges and learn that healthy struggle is an opportunity for growth. We are intentional in acknowledging their effort and persistence during these challenges. As teachers, we focus on positive affirmations that allow our students to move forward in the learning process without feeling defeated.

Habits such as time management, organization, and the ability to independently complete tasks are skills that continue to be developed in Middle School. Students are given assignments with detailed rubrics that allow them to know exactly what is expected. We use the gradual release model where independence and responsibility are a natural progression from 6th through 8th grade.

Learning is about the journey as opposed to the destination.  Inquiry-based models and real-life applications drive the instruction. With an essential open-ended question, students use their natural curiosity as motivation. This approach opens the process to the “what if” questions that require students to really put on their “thinking caps” to arrive at solutions to real-life situations. Cooperative learning and collaboration is an essential life skill and is encouraged in our classes. We place importance on honesty, integrity, and teamwork in their research, we foster respect for individual opinions, and we strive to inspire empathy in our discussions.

Partnering together with parents is the key to success. We work as a team and seek their insight into what is best for their children. We celebrate the family unit and lift them up in prayer and recognition. We recognize the significance of the team (parents, students, and teachers) for the best outcome.

As a Christ-Centered School, the Fruits of the Spirit (Love, Joy Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control) permeate throughout academic lessons, conflict resolution, and social situations. “How you show up,” by being accountable, being there for peers, choosing a positive attitude regardless of circumstance, and just having fun are year-long themes. Our goal is to provide our students with a stimulating, challenging, student-driven learning environment, as well as an atmosphere, that fosters a firm spiritual foundation through the word of God.